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Workforce Housing Solutions

Workforce Housing Solutions is a staff housing management company based in Whistler BC. They focus on establishing a healthy and happy environment for employees while living staff housing. This allows your management team to focus on running your business and not staff housing.

The Need

Paul had been running a number of staff houses for his previous employer for over two years. He slowly started to realize that he had a business that could sustain his lifestyle and he could break out of chains of regular employment and become an entrepreneur. However, he needed a solid plan before he could start. 

How Vertical Helped

We met with Paul and put his idea through our vigorous business planning tools. We established his key differentiators and helped him take his great idea from his head and put it on paper. We verified the validity of this idea with a detailed financial forecast and helped him nail down is first client with an exciting pitch deck. We are now helping him build his client base with an robust set of controls and systems to establish expectations and clearly communicate his ideas. 

We Established

  • The Idea - We helped take the concept and package it in a way that customers, suppliers and financiers could understand. 

  • Dollars and Cents - An idea is only as good as how much money it makes. We helped Paul develop a novel cost approach that has the potential to disrupt the entire industry. We packaged that all together into a financial plan that allows him to confidently run his business. 

  • Contracts - This business relies on a lot of legal documents and contracts. To map out who needed to sign what, we established a workflow showing how his ecosystem interacts and then built contracts that establishes ground rules for all the players involved.