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CBG Painting

CBG is a professional painting company based in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. They provide their customers with exceptional quality and superior finishes. Established in 2004, their experience and professionalism shows on every job site they are on.

The Need

Cyr was looking to re-establish his business and get help with the day-to-day operations. He was tired of spending time putting out fires started by employees who didn’t understand his vision and with customers that fought him for every penny. He needed to re-focus his business and establish a set of standards for his employees and customers. 

How Vertical Helped

Initially, Cyr came to Vertical looking for a simple payroll set up but that has blossomed into a full re-vamp of his business. Since engaging with us we have rebranded his business to attract a higher level of customer to him. We have built him a new service contract to ensure that he can clearly set expectation with each customer he interacts with. We have also coached him through a variety of different situation that have challenged his business. 

We Established

  • A Payroll System -To ensure he can compete for employees and not take on all the risk of using cash subcontractors.  

  • A Clear Service Contract - To make sure that the customer knows exactly what they are getting and Cyr knows when he will get paid.

  •  A New Website and Brand -To reach new customers and communicate Cyr’s attention to detail and trustworthiness.