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North Shore Refrigeration

North Shore Refrigeration is a commercial refrigeration and HVAC company that has established itself as an industry leader for over 50 years. Located on Vancouver’s north shore they employ a team of Red Seal Certified Journeymen Technicians that provide high-quality service to their clients in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver as well as throughout the Lower Mainland.

The Need

Business owner and Lead Technician Geoff wanted to establish a repeatable set of systems to act as a guide for his technicians in the field. This would prevent missteps and ensure that customers received the same quality service, regardless of who was on site.

How Vertical Helped

We met with Geoff and his team at their office on multiple occasions to get a feel for the organisation and to establish exactly what he wanted to accomplish with this process. We then took what he currently had and worked with him to figure out what was still missing. We combined all of these important systems into an employee Technician Playbook which ensures that each Technician knows exactly what is expected of them and what they can expect from North Shore Refrigeration.

We Established

  • A Code of Conduct - To ensure that Geoff can clearly establish ground rules and how breaking those rules is handled. 

  • Handling of Equipment - We worked to ensure that each Technician knows what tools they can expect from NSR and allows Geoff to protect his investments. 

  • Job Site Practices - Empowering his employees and giving Geoff peace of mind knowing that his clients are being well served.