Simplicity - How Keeping It Simple Will Save Your Business

You have probably heard it a thousand times…

Keep It Simple. It is a favourite saying of many teachers, mentors and advisors. But do you know why it is essential? Striving for simplicity forces you to trim the fat. It makes you get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary. This has many benefits in business and in life. I want to give you three ways that you can add simplicity to your everyday.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
— Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity In Language

When trying to communicate to anyone, regardless of their background or education, work hard to make a conscious effort to speak or write in words that a 10-year old can understand. What this forces you to do is break everything you are trying to say into its simplest components. By putting complicated things into everyday language, you can more easily communicate with everyone around you. This concept is especially true when writing emails. Don’t use three words when one will do and don't try and use big words for the sake of trying to sound smart. Remember, what you are trying to do is communicate an idea, not write a romance novel. If you make yourself only use simple language, not only can you write faster but there is much less chance that someone will mistake the tone of the email.

Simplicity In Design

Whether you are designing a product, webpage, supply chain or anything in-between, your primary goal should be to keep it as simple as possible. I know that this may sound silly because it is so apparent, but you would be surprised how quickly a concept can become a complicated mess. The best way to avoid this is to objectively map out the goals of the task you are trying to achieve. What this means is to look at the end product not through your eye but through the eyes of the supplier, salesperson and customer all at the same time. By starting with an open mind and focusing on the finished result from the perspective of others, you can work backwards step-by-step, anticipating problems before they occur. The hardest part about this is thinking about things objectively. We are biased to look at projects from our mind-eye because we are the ones in control. We often fail to realise that everyone is not like us and just because something comes quickly to you, it might not come easily to someone else. By keeping things simple in the eyes of many, you can phase out personal biases and guarantee that everyone will see the genius in your design.

Simplicity In Setting Goals

People often have many goals. Go to the gym more, read a book per month or make $X this year. Goal setting is an integral part of living a fulfilling life, but it can also drag you down. Take the age-old go to New Year Eve goal, going to the gym. It sounds easy when you think about it, all you have to do is put your shoes on and head to the gym. The problem is that life gets in the way and you miss a day. Next thing you know, you haven’t been to the gym in months, and you are back where you started except you feel terrible that you were not able to accomplish your goal. The problem is that though the intention of “going to the gym” sounds simple, it really has many moving parts, all of which can fail without notice. A better way to approach this goal is to focus on one of those parts and make it the goal. If your goal is just to put on your training shoes 4 times a week, you are much more likely to achieve your overall goal of improved fitness. If all you have to do is put your runners on, it leaves you open to so many opportunities like going for a run, a hike or simply just walking to work. Rather than just feeling bad that you didn’t go to the gym that day you will have actually accomplished something. The same is true in business. If your goal is to just pick up the phone the act of doing so will encourage you to dial one number and the next until you beat your sales target for that month.

Breaking things down into their simplest parts will put you in control of your business. I hope these three tips can help add some simplicity to your life. If you want more suggestions on how to add simplicity to your business contact Vertical today.

Blake Allen