Simplicity - How Keeping It Simple Will Save Your Business

You have probably heard it a thousand times…

Keep It Simple. It is a favourite saying of many teachers, mentors and advisors. But do you know why it is essential? Striving for simplicity forces you to trim the fat. It makes you get rid of everything that is not absolutely necessary. This has many benefits in business and in life. I want to give you three ways that you can add simplicity to your everyday.

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Blake Allen
Taking Emotions Out of the Equation

Entrepreneurs are passionate. That is what makes them able to endure all the pain and heartache of running a business. This passion pushes them through the tough times because they know that what they are doing is so important to them that they will stop at nothing to fight for their business.

This passion can sometimes be used against you. I am going to give you a few examples of this and how you can avoid it.

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Starting A Business In B.C. - 6 Step Process To Get It Right, The Fist Time.

Before you invest your time and money into starting a business, you need to make a plan. This is usually a combination of a business plan and a financial plan. This is where you will, in detail, answer the three questions of need (see above). Once you are able to answer these questions, you then need to map out the steps you plan on taking to get there and when you are going to start seeing a return on your investment (if everything goes according to plan). Business and financial plans are especially important if part of your plan includes bank loans or outside investment; or if you are hoping to enter into partnerships with manufacturers or suppliers.

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